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More than just logistics!
+7 495 795-04-95
More than just logistics!
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Quality Control

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK is regularly expanding its services, at the same time paying much attention to their quality.

If you have any questions regarding the services rendered or if you would like to leave a comment on the performance of our specialists or make your proposal for cooperation, please feel free to write us a letter by choosing the right address of the department.

We will make sure to consider all your suggestions, comments and proposals and make relevant corrections to our company or the work of our specialists. The sender of the letter will certainly receive a reply from us with a detailed description of what has been done to improve the quality of our work.DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK greatly appreciates its clients and business partners!

We have developed our own Quality Control System dedicated to defining, accomplishing and maintaining quality standards for the internal company processes and services rendered.


DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK pays special attention to the quality of its logistics and foreign trade services.

Implementation of the Quality Control System includes:

  • Development and implementation of the company general quality control policy;
  • Organised structure applied to implement the strategy;
  • Implementation of relevant procedures into operations of departments;
  • Allocation of technology and human resources.

Apart from our major logistics activities in domestic and international transportation, as well as in customs clearance, the Quality Control System also covers the non-operational activity of the company departments, including all document flow and financial and tax activities.

The Quality Control System major components are:

  • Training for the company personnel dedicated to their professional development;
  • Control over the quality of our basic products and outgoing documentation;
  • Transparency of orders within the job file section on all stages of order fulfilment and processing;
  • Control over operations on all stages, as well as over the engaged counterparts;
  • Regulations for operations quality assessment procedures;
  • Regulations for product quality assessment procedures within the job file section;
  • Regulations for reaction to deviations of end product from the approved quality standards within the job file section;
  • Regulations for adjustment of end product of improper quality to the approved quality standards;
  • Action plan for the employees and departments in case of deviation from the approved standards;
  • Control over the quality of cargo handling procedures;
  • Organised data processing and storage.


For more detailed information and to have a professional consultation please call + 7 (495) 795 04 95, or feel free to ask your question info@dasglobal.ru.

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