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More than just logistics!
+7 495 795-04-95
More than just logistics!
Расчет стоимости
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To transport oversize cargoes one needs to apply extraordinary but in the mean time rational and well thought out solutions.We are ready to arrange this complicated and time-consuming process for you!

We have arranged a special department in DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK dealing with planning projects, creating logistics schemes, defining a required set of transportation services for each specific project. As soon as the best routes and modes of transport are selected for your specific cargo, the DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK team is ready to arrange safe and sound delivery of the cargo in due time.

We do our best to guarantee your assurance and tranquillity, for that we invest all our experience, engage new progressive highly qualified specialists in the most important processes so they could foresee major difficulties we may face during transportation of oversize or overweight cargo.

  • A complex development of logistics schemes for delivery of cargoes from shipper to consignee;
  • Calculation of costs of complex services;
  • Development, confirmation and approval of loading and fastening schemes for each individual cargo;
  • Preparation and service of specialised transport to load, secure and deliver your oversize cargo;
  • We provide customs clearance services at major air, maritime, truck and railway ports and terminals all across Russia;
  • Arrangement of surveyor inspections;
  • The presence of our specialists at loading, transit and delivery points;
  • Preparation and submission of all relevant permits and access papers required for cross-border transportation;
  • Cargo insurance.
Take a look at:
  • Transportation of planes and helicopters;
  • Transportation of oversize equipment;
  • Transportation of specialised machinery.


For more detailed information and to have a professional consultation please call + 7 (495) 795 04 95, or feel free to ask your question info@dasglobal.ru.

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