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More than just logistics!
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More than just logistics!
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DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers a full range of services to its clients. For many years of operation as an international carrier and registered customs broker on the transport and logistics market, DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK has gained a reputation of a reliable and well-organised company with a serious and professional approach to any logistics issue.

When providing our clients with a full service, we are striving to optimise all workflows related to organisation and delivery of oversize, overweight and long cargoes.

Wide geography footprint and a vast international network of agents around the world enable us to offer most efficient logistics schemes and ways of delivery from Europe, USA and South-East Asia countries, along with customs clearance services at major maritime, air, rail and truck terminals.

Full Range of Services includes:
  • Organisation and development of transportation schemes to the final destination point;
  • Full range of customs clearance services;
  • Customs clearance at the port and remote terminals;
  • Delivery by various modes of transport (air, sea, truck and rail);
  • To-door, on-schedule and in-time delivery;
  • Multimodal transportations from Europe, USA and South-East Asia countries;
  • Consolidation/deconsolidation services;
  • Consultations on foreign trade issues;
  • Preferential tariffs;
  • Safe handling and storage of cargoes at warehouses all around the world;
  • Surveyor services;
  • Cargo insurance;
  • Warehouse handling;
  • Appropriate document support;
  • Track and trace systems.

Our tight-knit team of professionals is always ready to provide uninterrupted, reliable and high-quality service 24/7.

Warehousing services.

Any type of transportation requires warehousing services mainly comprising handling, sorting, classification and packaging operations. DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers warehousing services as a part of complex logistics solution.

Extensive development of our business footprint and international network of agents provide for high-quality warehousing service in any place in the world.

We offer:
  • Short-term and long-term storage;
  • Cargo handling of any degree of complexity following all required safety norms and regulations;
  • Consignment warehousing services;
  • Packing services;
  • Consolidation/deconsolidation of cargoes;
  • Cross-docking (transit and through storage);
  • Storage of special cargoes requiring specific regimes and temperature control;
  • Preparation of foreign trade documents.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK provides a full spectrum of warehousing services while applying the individual approach to every client. State-of-the-art equipment and highly qualified personnel are what serve as a guarantee of quality of handling and storage operations.

Consultations on foreign trade issues.

Foreign trade is a special type of business activity that falls under supplementary legislation regulating relations between the parties. One needs to have some experience in order to quickly deal with all nuances and details in this sphere.

There are a lot of companies engaged in wholesale and retail trade of imported goods which constantly face various foreign trade issues.

DAS GLOBAL LOGISTIK offers special service under which a client transfers all of its business processes and production operations related to overseas procurements, foreign trade operations, customs clearance and subsequent delivery to the final consumer, in the hands of an experienced team of our professionals.

Our major advantages:
  • We take care of any foreign trade issues and formalities;
  • We save your time (you have more time to concentrate on business development);
  • We offer our professional experience for you to use it in the organisation of secondary business processes;
  • You keep your costs down;
  • More flexibility in terms of changes in the sphere;
  • Increased competitiveness;
  • Professional and on hand preparation of all necessary documents to carry on your business processes.
Foreign trade operations outsourcing includes:
  • Preparation of foreign trade agreements and other documents for import and export transactions;
  • Customs clearance consulting: defining Customs Clearance Code and calculating customs duties;
  • A preliminary calculation of the cost of services related to foreign trade agreements (transportation, insurance, customs duties/payments, and customs clearance);
  • Development and arrangement of international transportation from any part of the world;
  • Maintenance of document flow;
  • Warehousing and distributor services.


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